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Don’t let his black-and-white stripes fool you—this zebra sees the world in technicolor where anything is possible! Ziggy’s trophy collection for soccer is impressive, but this star player’s first pair of ballet slippers make his eyes twinkle. When he’s not busy practicing pliés, piqués, and pirouettes, Ziggy enjoys daydreaming of performing in Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. When he’s keen for some downtime, reading comic books is one of Ziggy’s favorite hobbies. While he likes most subjects at school, this kid prefers to doodle funny pictures than do nightly homework.


Birthday: March 19

Favorite Color: Green

Dislikes: The dark. Loud noises. Keeping his love for ballet a secret. 

Likes: Summertime. Learning hula-hoop tricks. Playing chess. 

Check out his book! 

Ziggy Zebra Digs Deep and Dreams Big

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