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An inspirational tale about self-belief and perseverance, complete with a positive affirmation and interactive flash cards to empower kids! 

Ziggy Zebra Digs Deep and Dreams Big


Ziggy Zebra Digs Deep and Dreams Big

Author: Victoria Papandrea

Illustrator: Marko Rop

The Mr. Hoot’s Fables Series: Book 4

Hardcover | Ages 2-7 years


Ziggy Zebra is a star soccer player with a secret. He really wants to be a ballet dancer. The problem is, boys aren’t supposed to like ballet, so Ziggy hides his greatest passion. He’s much too worried what everyone thinks. But what if this zebra is tired of practicing pirouettes in private? Is he bold enough to break free from expectations? And does Ziggy have the tenacity to chase his dream?  


With playful prose accompanied by vivid illustrations, this fable tackles gender stereotypes while empowering young readers to believe in themselves and have faith that hard work, courage, and commitment can help turn big dreams into reality.  

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