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Black and white photo of author Victoria Papandrea

Victoria Papandrea is a passionate wordsmith with over 20 years’ experience as a writer, editor, and multimedia journalist in Australia and the United States. She is thrilled to add author to the list, following the publication of her debut picture book series, Mr. Hoot’s Fables. While Victoria’s breadth of writing expertise spans finance, business, retail, lifestyle, and various other fields, her foray into children’s books has opened a magical portal that lets Victoria unleash her inner child with unbridled joy. 

Victoria’s love for storytelling started at a young age in Australia; growing up on a farm in a rural suburb of Sydney, she spent her childhood dreaming up stories under the sprawling canopies of gnarly pine trees. The paradox of this idyllic, lonely setting, ultimately fed Victoria’s voracious appetite for reading, sparked the beginnings of a wild imagination, and inevitably lit a subconscious fascination with animals. When Victoria wasn’t learning how to milk a cow, or watching them give birth to their calves, she was playing in grassy paddocks filled with a menagerie of sheep, goats, horses, and countless broods of chickens. It’s no wonder that, years later, her debut picture book series is based on a tight-knit community of anthropomorphic animal characters! 


As soon as she was old enough, Victoria swapped the countryside’s quiet solace for a noisy, intoxicating urban metropolis—ever since, whether it’s Sydney CBD or New York City, the hustle and bustle of the big smoke fuels her creativity and continues to captivate her heart and mind. She currently lives in Manhattan and never gets tired of walking its beguiling streets, discovering eclectic neighborhood gems off the beaten path, and reveling in the adrenaline rush of catching a Broadway musical or play. 


When Victoria’s not working on her craft and creating imaginary worlds, escaping to fictional realms is one of her favorite pastimes—reading a page-turning novel, bingeing a gripping television series, devouring documentaries, movies, and re-watching iconic 80’s films is like a finger-licking feast for her insatiable literary soul. She enjoys globe-trotting, can’t live without coffee or tea, is obsessed with astrology, walks everywhere in a rush, and talks extremely fast. Victoria is a dichotomy of loud and quiet, tends to be an all-or-nothing kind of person, and no matter how hard she tries to kick the habit, will always be a night owl—staying up late is part of her DNA!


What’s next in Victoria’s literary quest? She's writing the inaugural manuscript for her new children’s chapter book series! Victoria holds a Bachelor of Communications (Creative Writing and Screen Studies) and a Diploma in Journalism.

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