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This cutie just joined the savanna’s gymnastics club and is determined to perfect rollovers even if they’re challenging to do with her spiky quills—major ouchies. But fear not, this sprightly porcupine’s no quitter. She’s brave and strong! Poppy loves to listen to hip-hop tunes while she picks flowers; pink and purple hydrangeas are her favorite, though she has a soft spot for poppies, obviously. Once in a while, this precocious porcupine likes to make a wish on dandelions; maybe one day her hope for world peace will come true, along with a never ending supply of candy and chocolate.

Birthday: July 24

Favorite Color: Yellow

Dislikes: When her quills poke holes in umbrellas (it happens often). Skipping school to avoid her bully.

Likes: Finding ladybugs for good luck. Playing on monkey bars. Giving hugs!


Check out her book!

Poppy Porcupine Triumphs with Kindness

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