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A poignant tale about courage and compassion, complete with a positive affirmation and interactive flash cards to empower kids!  

Poppy Porcupine Triumphs with Kindness


Poppy Porcupine Triumphs with Kindness

Author: Victoria Papandrea

Illustrator: Marko Rop

The Mr. Hoot’s Fables Series: Book 6

Hardcover | Ages 2-7 years 


Poppy Porcupine is in a pickle. She’ll make up any excuse to skip school. It’s all because of Ruby Rhino; she constantly picks on Poppy’s prickly quills. Ruby teases Suki Spider and Enzo Elephant, too. Poppy’s had enough and wants Ruby to stop. Will she pluck up the courage to face her bully? Can Poppy find a way to prevail with kindness? 


With playful prose accompanied by vivid illustrations, this fable shows young readers that we never truly know what someone else is going through and highlights how even the smallest act of kindness can make a difference in tricky situations, especially when it comes to navigating bullying.

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