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This mysterious octopus doesn’t emerge from underwater that often, but when she does, Octavia is a ray of sunshine to those who know her. Squeezing into the tiny nooks and crannies of rocks and shells is Octavia’s speciality; octopuses are incredibly flexible! She’s a sensitive soul and is known for wearing emotions on her arms, quite literally! Octavia changes color depending on her mood; when she’s happy or excited, her body glows a vibrant pinkish-purple. Playing Snap with other octopuses is one of her favorite games—it gets pretty competitive with dozens and dozens of agile tentacles! 

Birthday: January 24

Favorite Color: Violet

Dislikes: Rude fish. Nosy seaweed. When her friends are sad.

Likes: Coral. Blowing bubbles. Crocheting; with eight arms, Octavia can knit four scarves simultaneously!

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Mr. Hoot's Fables: The Complete Series Collection

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