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This unflappable owl is a trusty friend who’s always around to offer wise advice and be everyone’s biggest cheerleader. Mr. Hoot is a poetry maestro who moonlights as the savanna’s unofficial librarian. He owns an impressive vinyl collection and dreams of conducting a symphony orchestra one day. Mr. Hoot is multilingual in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Avian Morse Code. No one knows his first name, but word around the savanna is that it’s Salvatore or Sam.

Birthday: August 16

Favorite Color: Orange

Dislikes: When the savanna’s telephone cables are down after a bad thunderstorm; this chatty owl has important calls to make!

Likes: Cleaning. Gardening. Snacking on fruit to satisfy his sweet tooth—he loves everything except for cantaloupe.

Check out Mr. Hoot in the book series!

Mr. Hoot's Fables: The Complete Series Collection

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