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This little sweetie is a big ball of energy! Matilda doesn’t stop; it’s go, go, go every day when it comes to play. Practicing skateboard tricks is one of her favorite pastimes—riding backwards takes dedication and skill! When Matilda grows up, she wants to join the circus and be a flying acrobat. She idolizes her big brother, Maximus, and wants to do everything he does. Matilda doesn’t like taking no for an answer and is determined to get her way; most of the time, she does, though this persistent monkey never forgets her manners—it’s always please, excuse me, and thank you!

Birthday: April 5

Favorite Color: Silver

Dislikes: Getting dizzy from dangling upside down for too long. Brushing her teeth.

Likes: Playing the ‘I spy’ game with birds. Lollipops. Eating fairy floss. 

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Mr. Hoot's Fables: The Complete Series Collection

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