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This cool cat is obsessed with the solar system. He has a soft spot for Pluto because of the heart shape on its surface, although Saturn is a close second with its mesmerizing rings. Lebron thinks the International Astronomical Union is a meanie for downgrading Pluto to a dwarf planet. He can’t wait to be an astronaut for NASA one day! When he’s not stargazing, this flamboyant lion likes to experiment styling his mane and emptying his piggy bank to splurge on new accessories. Lebron gets a kick out of wearing berets and bow-ties in every print—polka dots, stripes, and florals—he wears them all with confidence!

Birthday: October 2

Favorite Color: Red

Dislikes: Vegetables. When kids make fun of his bold fashion choices. Early mornings and alarm clocks; he loves to sleep in—he’s a lion after all!

Likes: Riding see-saws. Going to summer camp. The old planetary mnemonic with Pluto: My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas.


Check out his book!

Lebron Lion Holds His Head High

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