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A powerful tale about identity and embracing difference in ourselves and others, complete with a positive affirmation and interactive flash cards to empower kids!  

Lebron Lion Holds His Head High


Lebron Lion Holds His Head High

Author: Victoria Papandrea

Illustrator: Marko Rop

The Mr. Hoot’s Fables Series: Book 5

Hardcover | Ages 2-7 years


Lebron Lion prides his individuality. He has a flair for fancy fashion and astronomy. Lebron is different from his friends in many ways, but it doesn’t matter because they accept who he is. Sadly, that’s not the case with the kids at summer camp; their scoffs and stares crush Lebron’s confidence. Will he abandon his favorite things just to fit in? Or does Lebron have the courage to embrace his true self?


With playful prose accompanied by vivid illustrations, this fable not only encourages young readers to have the confidence and conviction to be their authentic self, but to also accept and celebrate the diversity they see in others.

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