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These cheeky twins are always on the prowl for fun. Their hijinks and high-pitched cackles are infamous around the savanna. Hippi and Happi have wild imaginations, too; when they’re not riding unicycles with unicorns, they’re dining with dinosaurs. The twins love to play the cymbals and drums, maybe one day they’ll form a spotted hyena band! Until then, this musical duo will continue to practice and do what they do best—cause a racket and make everyone listen. They’re always keen to try something different; currently, these carnivores are trying to be herbivores—Hippi and Happi think it would be a miraculous achievement to be vegan hyenas!

Birthday: January 19

Favorite Color: Purple; it’s one of the few things these competitive twins agree on.

Dislikes: Getting in trouble when their fun goes too far. Fruit smoothies. Peanut butter.

Likes: Going to art class and learning to paint portraits Picasso-style. 

Check out their book!

Hippi and Happi Hyena Turn Over a New Leaf

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