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An exhilarating tale about misadventure and making amends, complete with a positive affirmation and interactive flash cards to empower kids! 

Hippi and Happi Hyena Turn Over a New Leaf


Hippi and Happi Hyena Turn Over a New Leaf

Author: Victoria Papandrea

Illustrator: Marko Rop

The Mr. Hoot’s Fables Series: Book 8

Hardcover | Ages 2-7 years


Hippi and Happi Hyena are rambunctious twins. They’re always up to something with their howling and hijinks. They never stop to think if their antics affect others; like how their mischief upsets Frankie Flamingo and Ruby Rhino, and why their reckless play vexes Contessa Crocodile. How can they see that fun isn’t fun if it hurts someone? Will these cheeky twins try to be more mindful? Can Hippi and Happi find a way to make amends? 


With playful prose accompanied by vivid illustrations, this fable teaches young readers that actions have consequences and shows the impact that reckless behavior can have unless we’re mindful to treat others with care and respect.

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