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This kid is a mover and shaker in all things water sports; there’s nothing he won’t try—swimming, snorkeling, surfing, water skiing, even parasailing! When Enzo’s not splashing around, he can be found chilling by the lake with his besties, Poppy Porcupine and Tullulah Turtle. They love when Enzo blows water from his trunk, especially on hot days, he’s like their personal sprinkler. This outgoing elephant plans to be the captain of a super yacht one day; he can’t wait to greet everyone with “Ahoy, Matey!” and shout “Shiver me Timbers!”

Birthday: November 3

Favorite Color: Navy blue and white are a match made in heaven for this nautical kid. 

Dislikes: When ice cream melts too quickly down the cone—sticky fingers are yucky.  

Likes: Dressing up for Halloween; a pirate and a fox are his favorite costumes.

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