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She’s a force of nature who’s always up for an adventure! Playing dress-up, building Lego towers, and making shapes with hand shadows are just a few of Tullulah’s favorite hobbies. She’s learning to breakdance, too; Tullulah’s hard shell is built-in safety gear that helps her do epic backspins! When she’s not challenging herself to do something new, Tullulah likes to practice balancing on one foot; her current record is eight seconds! She also likes collecting treasure of rocks and shells; big ones, little ones, shiny ones, dull ones, funny-shaped ones—Tullulah will take ‘em all!


Birthday: February 13

Favorite Color: The rainbow! Every color is special in its own way.

Dislikes: Stepping on Lego pieces. Feeling down when she compares herself to other kids.

Likes: Spaghetti. Flying kites. Building forts with pillows and blankets.


Check out her book! 

Tullulah Turtle Learns to Love Herself

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