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Suki Spider

When she’s not spinning spectacular webs, Suki likes to swing from the silky threads. Her friends call her “Queenie” because she likes to wear a sparkly gold crown—Suki’s ancestors were once royalty in the arachnid kingdom! Taking photos is a passion for this cheerful spider. It’s pretty handy that she’s got eight eyes; Suki can spot teensy-tiny details to take the perfect shot. She has big dreams to be a photographer for National Geographic magazine one day. If any spider can do it, it’s definitely Suki! 

Birthday: September 18

Favorite Color: Grey

Dislikes: When hail pellets wreck her webs. Being bossed around just because she’s little. 

Likes: Building sandcastles. Jigsaw puzzles. Fizzy drinks.

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Mr. Hoot's Fables: The Complete Series Collection

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