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She’s a bookworm who’s a little misunderstood. Ruby’s only friends are the characters in her favorite stories, but maybe one day this lonely rhino will find kindred chums. When she’s not reading or at the library borrowing piles of books, Ruby enjoys playing Scrabble—no one can beat her extensive vocabulary! She’s a whiz at Spelling Bee competitions, too. Ruby loves to belt out a tune when she’s in the mood; she may not have perfect pitch, but this sassy girl doesn’t care! Ruby doesn’t mind trying new things either, like soccer, rhythmic gymnastics, and ballroom dancing—her favorite style is the cha-cha!

Birthday: August 27

Favorite Color: Blue

Dislikes: Sneezing fits from pollen. Flies and mosquitoes. Feeling like the odd one out.

Likes: Writing poems. Rolling around in a mud bath—the muckier the better! 

Check out her book!

Ruby Rhino Longs to Belong

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