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An uplifting tale about looking beyond appearance and treasuring the gifts we have within, complete with a positive affirmation and interactive flash cards to empower kids!  

Frankie Flamingo Shines on the Inside


Frankie Flamingo Shines on the Inside

Author: Victoria Papandrea

Illustrator: Marko Rop

The Mr. Hoot’s Fables Series: Book 3

Harcover | Ages 2-7 years 


Frankie Flamingo’s pinkness preoccupies her. She prefers to primp and preen instead of doing other things, especially schoolwork and babysitting her siblings. Frankie’s vanity trumps quality time with Lebron Lion, and playdates with Matilda Monkey and Ziggy Zebra. But what happens when her prized pink fades to white? How can this flamingo see she’s more than just fuchsia feathers? Will Frankie search within and discover who she really is? 


With playful prose accompanied by vivid illustrations, this fable reminds young readers that what’s on the outside isn’t everything and encourages them to nurture all the qualities within that make who they are complete.

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