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Olive & Omar Oxpecker

When these tiny birds aren’t soaring through the skies, they’re hitching a ride from rhinos—they love to snack on the tasty bugs burrowing on their backs, nom-nom-nom! Olive and Omar are cousins who enjoy doing most things together, especially watching cartoons and participating in a weekly book club with their besties—Ziggy Zebra and Ruby Rhino. They have a few of their own interests, too; while Olive enjoys learning magic tricks, Omar likes to play video games. 

Birthday: Olive (May 8); Omar (June 1)

Favorite Color: White 

Dislikes: Winter. Fighting over glazed donut crumbs (Olive always wins).

Likes: Reading. Whistling tunes. Splashing in water puddles. Rainbows.

Check out Olive and Omar in the book series!

Mr. Hoot's Fables: The Complete Series Collection

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