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This merry monkey’s pride and joy is his fantastical tree house with all its bells and whistles. He enjoys swinging from the tallest trees and never gets scared because terrifying heights are his happy place; no tummy knots for Maximus! Nature is an endless playground of discovery for this curious kid. He loves to explore and marvel at tiny things through his magnifying glass. Experiments are a constant source of joy, too, especially making the gooiest of gooey slime and play dough. Maximus might even be a scientist when he grows up, the world is his oyster! Maximus loves all types of sports, especially soccer and basketball—he’s received the Most Valuable Player award for both.

Birthday: December 27

Favorite Color: Gold

Dislikes: Sharing. Taking turns. His baby sister, Matilda.

Likes: Throwing slime. Playing tennis. Catching clouds. Matilda.


Check out his book:

Maximus Monkey Gives Sharing a Go

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