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Hatchie aka Hatchling

What’s better than one Hatchie? A pod of twenty-seven hatchlings, of course! Contessa Crocodile is the proud mother to this happy crew of baby crocs. She patiently sat on their eggs for nine weeks until they hatched, one-by-one. Luckily, Contessa had plenty of time to come up with a list of names before their arrival. Without further ado, say hello to— Cadbury, Calico, Calypso, Candy, Capri, Caramel, Carlotta, Casper, Cassius, Chook, Clarice, Claus, Clementine, Cleopatra, Clover, Coco, Cole, Comet, Constance, Cookie, Cordelia, Cosmo, Costanza, Cozette, Croissant, Crosby, and Cruz.

Birthday: March 30

Favorite Color: Green! Each Hatchie has a favorite shade: apple, artichoke, asparagus, avocado, basil, camouflage, chartreuse, emerald, fern, forest, jade, jungle, lime, mint, moss, myrtle, pear, pickle, pine, pistachio, sea, sage, shamrock, teal, thyme, turquoise, and olive.  

Dislikes: Sharing the same birthday. Afternoon naps. Chores.

Likes: Cuddles from Mama. Running races. Playing hide-and-seek. Having fun.

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