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Georgie Giraffe

This goofy kid is into anything spooky and supernatural! When Georgie grows up, he wants to be the savanna’s first ghost hunter. When he’s not playing at the local park with friends, Georgie is on the lookout for UFOs—he’d be thrilled to meet a couple of aliens one day! This giraffe has got the gift of the gab and is convinced he could talk his way into a private tour of their spaceship. Slumber parties are one of Georgie’s favorite things, especially on the night of a full moon; it’s the perfect time to tell his circle of friends some spooky stories! 

Birthday: January 17

Favorite Color: Black

Dislikes: Clowns. Rainy days. When popcorn pieces get stuck in between his teeth.

Likes: Playing hopscotch. His long neck. Reaching juicy leaves in tall trees. 

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Mr. Hoot's Fables: The Complete Series Collection

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