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Beatrix Butterfly

This little lady is one social butterfly! She loves to flutter around and visit friends who affectionately call her “Beatie-Bo”. Beatrix may be tiny, but her personality is big and bubbly! Hanging out with flowers is always a fun time for this butterfly; she knows flora language and likes to tell silly jokes, especially to the daisies—they’re always up for a giggle. When Beatrix grows up, she’ll flitter off to the Savanna College of Performing Arts. She can’t wait to be a comedian and see her name in dazzling lights!

Birthday: November 27

Favorite Color: Neon Yellow

Dislikes:Thunderstorms; lightning bolts are scary! Termitesthey’re troublemakers.

Likes: Springtime. Watching the sunrise. Laughing so hard that she cries. 

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